At O’Neill and Brown Plumbing service, we don’t just respond to emergencies. In fact, the best plumber is one who has kept a property in such good repair that you rarely have emergencies. That’s why we engage in ongoing facilities management and preventative maintenance.


Preventative Maintenance

Preventative asset & facilities maintenance ensures all our customers assets are serviced and tested in accordance with legal requirement and manufacturer’s warranty conditions. This safeguards high demand plumbing assets, that service multiple residences, to guarantee compliance with manufacturer’s warranty conditions, increase longevity and reduce running cost.

There are two tiers of Preventative Maintenance at O’Neill & Brown Plumbing Services – Compliance Servicing & Protection Servicing.

A plumber fixing a communal toilet sink drain

Facilities Management Package - Compliance Servicing

Compliance Service agreements are tailored to include what is on site. The assets mentioned below are by way of example and may not be on every site.

  • Backflow prevention test and certification (legal requirement)
  • Thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) testing (legal requirement)
  • Eye wash bay/shower (legal requirement)
  • Hot water/solar hot water unit service
  • Pump maintenance and replacements (including but not limited to sewer, stormwater, rainwater and hot water circulation pumps)
  • Jet cleaning of stormwater and sewer drains
  • Fixture/asset quarterly health checks
  • Asset life cycle reports

All testing and servicing come with comprehensive reporting so you know what’s going on and why.

Preventative Maintenance Compliance


Maintenance Required

Backflow prevention test and certification

12 Monthly

  • Test as per Australian standards
  • Submitted reports to government authorities
Thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) test, certification

12 Monthly

  • Test as per Australian standards
Eye wash bay/shower test and certification

6 Monthly

  • Test as per Australian standards
All pump maintenance and report

  • Rainwater pumps (+ UV if fitted)
  • Cold water booster pump
  • Pool pump
  • Stormwater/grey water pump
  • Sewer/black water pump
  • Under bench sewer pump
  • Hot water circulation pump

6 Monthly

  • As recommended by manufacturer
  • Inspect for correct operation
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Check inlet and outlet pressure gauges
  • Check oil levels (if required)
  • Ohms test and document
  • Check control panel operations (if connected)
  • Check warning lights and alarms (if connected)
  • All hot water unit maintenance and report
  • Instantaneous systems
  • Storage systems (electric and gas)
  • Holding/buffer tanks
  • Solar systems

12 Monthly

  • Check pressure relief valve for operation
  • Check for leaks
  • Activate relief valve (replace if defective)
  • Ensure that the pressure setting is compatible
Jet cleaning of stormwater/sewerage branch

12 Monthly

  • Jet clean branch drain
  • Remove and report all debris
  • Camera line if blockage detected


Facilities Management Package - Protection Servicing

The preventative maintenance service tier above Compliance is our Protection Servicing

Quarterly, all common area assets are inspected. At the time of inspection customers will receive a comprehensive condition report on all common hydraulics. Ensuring all plumbing related assets are covered for operational, running and property insurance requirements. We anticipate that these defect reports will reduce future asset breakdowns and increase life expectancy.

Additional to the Compliance package, the Protection package also includes the following:


Preventative Maintenance Protection

(Includes compliance)


Maintenance Required

Health Check

Common area assets;

Taps, hose cocks, sinks, basins, vanity’s, tubs, baths, showers, cisterns, toilets and urinals, tempering valves

Water meters, gas meters, eye wash bay/showers, storm water spells, storm water pits, sewer manholes, hot water units, pumps, TMV’s, balancing valve, pressure reducing valve.

3 Monthly

  • Inspect for leaks, damage and maintenance signs
  • Inspect all assets for obvious faults
  • Ensure correct operations of all assets
  • Inspect bracketing and supports to ensure firm fixing
  • Condition reports for all health check assets provided with quotations’ for identified defective and/or faulty fixtures/assets

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