O’Neill & Brown Plumbing Service are experts in the delivery of high-quality plumbing infrastructure. For us, the client and their project is our highest priority and with 50 years’ experience, we have become a part of the local community with deep connections to all aspects of the construction industry.

As a family-owned business, we place great importance on our people. As the company grows, we maintain an in-house workforce that is encouraged to push and exceed industry standards. A strong focus on training allows us to accurately recommend the newest and most efficient technologies and are envied across the industry. By investing in our people, we are able to keep a stable crew and maintain a high level of corporate knowledge.

A large permanent workforce is also supported by O’Neill & Brown Plumbing Service own plant and equipment, so we can quickly resource a project or adapt to the ever-changing changes circumstances onsite. O’Neill & Brown Plumbing Service can recommend the right product to save money and energy and integrate each system into the fire and electrical plans for the project.

O’Neill & Brown Plumbing Service takes pride in providing resources and a structure that enables us to deliver high quality maintenance services for all types of plumbing, gas and hydraulic equipment at competitive market rates.

We can provide the Following Commercial/Industrial Services:

  • 24 Hour emergency plumbing service;
  • jetting and drain cleaning;
  • drain camera works;
  • gas service works;
  • all hot water/solar servicing and reports;
  • all pump maintenance (stormwater, rainwater, sewer);
  • backflow prevention test and certification;
  • thermostatic mixing valves test and certification;
  • fixture/asset inspection with report (if required).
Service Labour Rates Call Out Fee Hourly Rate
Preventative Maintenance Agreement Rate $ 0 $ 0
General Business Hours Monday to Friday 7:30am –4pm $ 0 $ 0
Emergency After hours/Public Holidays rate (min two hour) $ 0 $ 0


O’Neill & Brown Plumbing Service shall provide a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year response mechanism to attend toasset failure.Response times are defined as the maximum time elapsed between the on site asset being reported to the O’Neill & Brown Plumbing Service Team and the technician attending the site.

Priority Description Response Time
Critical An event that may cause major property damage, is life threatening or cause significant interruption to the business 2 hours
Urgent Events that reduce or impact operational efficiency or comfort and / or may cause property damage or injury 4 hours
Routine Less critical requests or complaints 1 day
Standard Standard: Request for new items 2 days
Scheduled Requests that advance notice, coordination of multiple contractors and date planning As agreed
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You will receive quality workmanship and 5 star customer service

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