Need hot water system repairs or installations? Getting stuck without hot water at home is never an ideal situation but something that can unfortunately happen. Hot water units, no matter what the quality, eventually break down. When it happens, it’s often a sudden, unexpected event. At O’Neill and Brown Plumbing Service , we offer same day repairs in Canberra to minimise disruptions and ensure you can continue to live in comfort.

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Fast, Reliable Hot Water Unit Services

We all rely on hot water in our homes every day for cooking, cleaning, washing and bathing. When hot water units break down, it’s something that we want addressed straight away. If you need a new hot water system installed, it needs to be the right type to suit your home, family size and level of use.

Hot water systems can come in a variety of forms, including:

  • Electric hot water units
  • Gas hot water units
  • Solar hot water units
  • Heat pump hot water units
  • Instantaneous or continuous flow units
  • Gas boosted solar hot water units

Our specialist team of hot water technicians can get your hot water system working again regardless of type, make, brand or model. If you need a new unit installed, we can advise you on the most suitable options.

Hot Water System Replacements

Depending on the circumstances, it can be more economical to replace your faulty hot water system rather than repairing it. If you require a replacement, we’ll help you find the option that is most cost efficient and environmentally friendly. Hot water units are responsible for around 25% of your home’s total energy costs and greenhouse emissions. If you need your unit replaced, our experienced team will help the perfect system for your household depending on size, usage and personal preferences.

Hot Water System Maintenance

Like any other system or appliance in your home, your hot water system needs to be maintained to avoid costly repairs. A lack of appropriate regular hot water maintenance can lead to costly repairs for faults such as hot water tank leaks and hot water unit failure. For most hot water units, it’s recommended to get scheduled maintenance carried out by an experienced plumber every five years. This maintains the maximum efficiency and safety of the system and allows any potential issues to be repaired before they get worse.

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