Got a damaged, leaking roof? Don’t wait until it turns into an emergency. Call the experts at O’Neill and Brown Plumbing Service for quick, professional roof and gutter repairs in Canberra. A leaking roof can start off as a small issue but can soon escalate into a major issue. A few small drops can quickly turn into the entire ceiling caving in, costing thousands of dollars in repairs. Don’t take the risk by delaying.

We believe in taking a proactive approach is best, which is why we also provide inspections and preventative maintenance of your roofing, flashing and guttering. This way we can spot potential issues early and correct them easily and with minimal cost and hassle.

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Roof Leak Repairs and Much More

Our approach involves clearly explaining any problem, so you understand exactly what needs to be done, why and how. Our range of roof and gutter services include:

  • Identifying and locating leaks
  • Inspecting roofing, flashing and gutters
  • Repairing damaged and split tiles
  • Fixing pooling issues
  • Repairing and replacing flashings
  • Releveling guttering
  • Installing snow straps
  • Repairing butynol
  • Replacing leaking nails with roofing screws
  • Repairing silicon
  • Rust treatment

We can help you prolong the life of your roof by recommending a combination of repairs and ongoing maintenance. This includes things like clearing out your gutters, saving you from the injury risk involved with you doing it yourself.

Spouting and Downpipes

Spouting and downpipes are essential for the function of our homes. They play the important role of directing rainwater away from the house, ensuring the roof, footings and foundations of the house are protected from water damage. Keeping your spoutings and downpipes clear and in good working order ensures rain water goes where it’s meant to go, whether that’s into the drain or into your rainwater tank. You can count on our team for all your spouting and downpipe services, whether you need them cleaned, repaired or replaced.

For Gutter and Roof Repairs, Your Local Experts Can Help! Call Today

At O’Neill and Brown Plumbing Service, we’re experts when it comes to repairing or replacing roofs and gutters that have rusted, are leaking, suffering from wear and tear or have been poorly installed. Whatever is going wrong with your roofing and gutters, we can help to solve the problem whether you’re in a historic property, newly built home or commercial building.

For Canberra: Call us on 02 6297 2022 or contact us online.

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