Faulty or broken taps and showers are a big hassle considering how much we use them in our day to day life at home. At O’Neill and Brown Plumbing Service, we’re the experts in shower and tap repairs Canberra homeowners rely on. With 50 years of experience, we have a reputation for providing efficient, professional services at a cost-effective price, using only quality parts to ensure your taps, shower head and any fittings and fixtures last a long time.

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Leaking Tap Repairs

Leaky taps and showers waste an astonishing amount of water. Put the unnecessary waste and cost to and end with our tap and shower leak repair services. Leaking showers and baths can seem like a small problem to begin with. But if left unattended, leaks can cause serious damage. If you notice mouldy plaster, rotting skirting or a damp smell, contact a plumber for immediate repair services to avoid further damage.

Our Range of Tap and Shower Repairs

Our team resolve a range of issues such as fixing taps that are tight and difficult to turn on or off, repairing leaking breachers (fittings behind the wall of your shower taps), replacing worn washers and correcting poorly applied seals. If the shower recess has not been sealed properly or seals and grouts have substantially degraded, water will begin to penetrate the tiles. Once trapped beneath tiles, water will cause them to lose their adhesion with the substrate and lift.

We use top quality parts whenever we need to carry out repair and replacement work. This includes long lasting hydroseal tap washers and always reseat tapware for the new washer to sit on. We can repair, service and replace a wide range of taps and showers, carrying commonly required spare parts with us so we can fix the problem quickly the first time when we visit.

Tap and Shower Installations

At O’Neill & Brown Plumbing Services, we also provide installation services. Whether you’re building a home, renovating or simply updating your bathroom, we can help with a range of installation services. We can install your vanity, basins, baths, shower head and all your tap ware. We can show you the latest designs and features to help you create the perfect bathroom for your home, complete with a quality, expert installation.

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