The toilet is one feature of our homes we can’t do without. That’s why when something goes wrong with our toilets, it can be a stressful and annoying experience. Toilets can break down at any time and take us by surprise, no matter the quality. When this happens, you need a team you can count on for quick toilet repairs or toilet suit replacements. At O’Neill and Brown Plumbing Service, we’re the trusted name in Canberra for toilet maintenance and repairs.

We can quickly determine what the problem is and fix it. This may involve minor repairs or replacing a toilet. Either way, you can trust our experts to carry out the work honestly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our philosophy is that a good quality plumbing service is about fixing immediate problems as well as minimising the long-term cost and extending the life of your household plumbing by always using quality parts.

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Signs Your Toilet Needs a Repair

Our team can find a quick and appropriate resolution to a range of problems that might occur with your toilet, such as:

  • Broken parts such as the inlet or outlet valve or flush handle
  • Water pooling around the toilet base
  • Continually running toilet
  • Noticeable cracks in the porcelain
  • Consistent clogging
  • Toilet not flushing at all

If any of these issues arise at home, don’t hesitate to call our team before it escalates into a plumbing emergency.

Toilet Suite Replacements

A toilet consists of three main parts – the tank, the bowl and the flushing mechanism. Flush valves and fill valves are easily replaceable, meaning malfunctions in the mechanism inside the toilet tank can usually be repaired. However, if the tank or bowl develops a crack, replacing a toilet may be the only option. We can help in those situations.  Keep in mind that cracks can be tricky to diagnose. Just because there is a puddle on the floor, it doesn’t necessarily mean your toilet is broken and needs replacement.

Our experienced plumbers will determine whether replacement is necessary and perform any toilet maintenance that you require. Of course, we can also provide installation services for homeowners who are currently building or renovating their home. DIY-ing is increasingly popular, but plumbing installations should always be carried out by experienced professionals for your safety and to prevent costly mistakes.

Call Now for Toilet Maintenance and Repairs

For reliable toilet maintenance and repair services, call the team at O’Neill and Brown Plumbing Service today.

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