When you own a unit or apartment, the property is part of a strata scheme. The bodies corporate and strata have certain responsibilities to the apartment complex, to make sure that the plumbing held in common (the strata & body corporate plumbing) works and is well maintained.

What is Strata Plumbing?

Usually, units and apartments don’t all have separate plumbing systems. Rather, one large plumbing system works throughout the entire building. While the end result of the plumbing branches off into the individual rooms, the overall structure of the pipes is shared in common by everybody in the building.

The parts of the plumbing system that are held in common are the responsibility of the body corporate plumbing maintenance service team.

Who is Responsible for Strata Plumbing Issues?

Depending on the issue, a plumbing problem might be the responsibility of the individual owner of the property, or of the strata plumbing provider. If the plumber used is not fully licenced or insured (a handyperson) the company itself could be liable (and for more than just the issue itself).

A few common plumbing issues that might occur:

  • Leaking shower: If the leak in the shower is occurring within a private property, and the problem is with an internal fitting in the shower head, then the owner will usually be responsible.
  • Leaky pipes under a property: Usually the responsibility of the body corporate or strata, unless the problem was caused by a private owner.
  • Leaks between properties: Depending on where the problem started, this might be the responsibility of either the body corporate, or the private owner.
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How can O’Neill & Brown Plumbing Service Help with the Strata Plumbing?

O’Neill & Brown Plumbing Service provide a new level of excellence in customer service, innovation and reliability. Our fully licenced and local service team has a proactive approach that delivers outstanding upfront service to help minimise costs including running costs and extend the life of your equipment.

At O’Neill & Brown Plumbing Service, every one of our plumbers are fully licenced and insured. When hiring a plumber or any trades person, it’s an absolute must that they are licenced and insured under current state regulations. These should be available on request.

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